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Transformative Coaching, Strategic Consulting, and Impactful Communication with Ray Sanders

In Your Corner for Life and Work

Ray Sanders leads a revenue-generating firm focusing on unlocking potential, growing companies, and strengthening leadership teams.

We grow our partners and their people.

Coaching. Consulting. Communicating.

Grow with Ray

Whether Virtual Or In-Person,
One-On-One Or As A Group, Ray's Coaching, Consulting, And Communication Will Take your Leadership And Company To The Next Level.


You talk and we listen. We coach and you win. You bring the challenges and we bring the experience to help you lead the way. Your work with Ray will be inspiring, deep, one-on-one and will uncover blind spots and opportunities to help you succeed. You are one call or email away from leading and living at a whole new level.


Ray believes that oftentimes, teams like yours already know what you need to do to succeed. Most high-performance teams just need some help facilitating the discussion and organizing the strategy into easy, doable steps. Ray asks tough questions that cut through the clutter and lead to increased revenue and growth.


Ray is a passionate communicator, and shares his insights as a speaker and author. He is a frequently sought after speaker for conferences, congregations and campuses, and has taken the stage to equip and inspire leaders on high impact platforms such as World Vision, Yale University, Tedx and more.

Let's Connect: transformative Coaching, Consulting, and Communication

We grow our partners and their people.

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Ray Sanders' Approach to Growing with Purpose

Ray Sanders is recognized as a passionate CEO, executive coach, a leader of leaders, a white-board aficionado and an innovative growth strategist with a heart for purpose-driven cultures and values-based leadership development.

As a CEO, he has grown multi-million-dollar organizations, led an award-winning financial institution, served in a nonpartisan role with the United States Senate, and pioneered international efforts to bring clean water to remote regions of the world.

As an impassioned communicator, Ray brings his experience to the service of today’s leaders – sharing insights and strategy through books, blogs, podcasts, public speaking, and private coaching.

Ray Comes Alongside High-Impact Leaders Known for Success and Takes them to New levels

Fortune 500 Executives

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Nonprofit & Ministry Leaders

Leadership in today’s world has never been more critical

You Need a coach in your
corner Who can help you win

Are you feeling the weight of constant work demands, an endless struggle for balance, and no margin for the things that you enjoy in life? 

Do the threats to your time, creativity, and mental health feel ever-present?

Are the effects impacting your family and community? 

Our world needs leaders who are healthy, balanced, energized, and equipped with the skills they need to lead. Whether you’re an executive, entrepreneur, or community leader, Ray is committed to challenging you to develop the skills that will make a positive difference in your sphere of influence.

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The Power of Having a Leader in Your Corner for Life and Work


“Success and significance bring great satisfaction.”
“Every leader has blindspots that are holding them back”
“Even the most talented professional athletes need a coach!”
“The more you know the more you realize the less you know.”
“Worrying about tomorrow robs you of today.”
“We are all turtles on a post. No one gets to where they are all by themselves”.
“You have to rest to be your best.”
“People only change for one reason, they want to.”
“God never wastes pain.”
Ray Sanders Loo

Let’s get the conversation started. You are one call or email away from leading and living at a whole new level.

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