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20 in 2020

At the beginning of 2020 Stephanie and I got a crazy idea after having read Mark Batterson’s book, Double Blessing.

The idea from the book was to basically pay it forward. When blessed, blessed someone else as well.

We decided to come up with our own version of the challenge and decided we would each keep a 20 dollar bill tucked away in our wallets and then go throughout our day asking the Lord if there was anyone he thought might need a little blessing and reminder that he was was near.

Would it really be more blessed to give than receive? Would it be fun giving away hard earned cash during such uncertain times? It wasn’t much, but hey, we might need that money!

Well as you might expect, it turned into being a real hoot! More time’s than not we actually found ourselves not just giving the money to just anybody that came our way. We learned to rely on divine discernment to guide our generosity.  We wanted to make sure we were utilizing the funds as the big man upstairs desired.

Such a mindset really heightened our awareness that it really wasn’t our money and that our goal was for him to be pleased with how we utilized the blessings we too had received.

Sometimes it was very obvious where the $20 was to go, other times we consulted with each other to determine if we were on the right track.

We had so much fun catching people off guard. They would say things like, “Oh, this is way to much.” “Let me get you some change.” Other times people expressed shear delight and gratitude.

The more we did it the more we wanted to do it. The more we wanted to do it the more we wanted to give. We new it wasn’t much money but boy were we ever getting a bang for our buck.

As 2020 comes to an end we can’t even remember where all the money went but we know it was a blessing and as Batterson would say, “A double blessing.”

We can honestly say that it was more blessed to give than it was to receive. In fact, had we received an unexpected $20 in 2020, I can almost promise you we would have assumed it was given to us so we could give it to someone else. We learned that when it comes to giving, what goes around truly comes around.

With 2021 just around the corner, we have decided to go for it once again as the new year comes to town.

Give some thought as to whether you might want to join in on the $20 Challenge. For you it might be $100, $10 or $1. The dollar amount isn’t what matters. It is the fun that comes looking for ways to be a little blessing in a big bad world that needs hope, inspiration and belief that there is a God that knows our names and when we least expect it, he might have someone else he loves serve as his messenger of love in the nick of time.



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