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Vroooom! Life is a lot like a 5-speed stick shift. Sometimes you hit reverse. Other times you shift into low. Then even still there are times when you are flying down the highway in overdrive. Wherever you are in life you will have to pass through neutral at some point. While you can’t stay there, […]

A Rainbow in the Dark

My friends Wade McCoy and Henry Kirkland are featured in an article in today’s Oklahoman. I have told this story around the world in my speech on the Power of Personal Influence. Read the article, buy the book and be inspired to change the world! A Rainbow in the Dark featured in The Daily Oklahoman […]

Make it last

In life it’s not what you give or take, it is what you make of it. Make it beautiful, love it and share it with as many as you can and as long as it last! – – Sanders

Fame and Family

The man I want to be most like is the man who desires to be more popular at home than he will ever be in public. – Sanders

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