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Only thing worse

“The only thing worse than lying to others is lying to yourself. What we come to believe is often far from the truth. Check your sources and be honest with yourself. Deception is real and often fatal.”

Good fences

“Good fences make for great neighbors. Boundaries aren’t barriers to relationships, they actually strengthen them.”

Fail to forgive

“People who fail to forgive, fail to forgive themselves most of all.”

Go with God

The Lord called on Joshua to fulfill the calling he had been prepared to complete. Moses had mentored Joshua in how to lead and mobilize people. Now was the time for a new leader for a new day. God never said it would be easy to take hold of the Promised Land, but He did […]

Hell freezes

When you say, “One of these days. Some day soon. Eventually. When the time is right. Tomorrow. Next time. Once I get through this. After I catch my breath.” What you are really saying, “When hell freezes over. Tomorrow never comes. I had good intentions. I just never got around to it. I changed my […]

Sorry, I love you

“Be careful not to rob yourself and your family of the best years of your life. Sometimes the best way to say, “I love you,” is to say, “I am sorry.” A new beginning might just be a simple phone call away. Before it’s too late, don’t let the ugly get in the way of […]

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