THE GREATEST FREEDOM IS HAVING NOTHING TO PROVE. – R.T. KENDALL What are you trying to prove? Who are you trying to impress? What if the one that matters most accepts you for who you are, is proud of you and loves what you are becoming? It is then that you will recognize you have […]

Out to pout under a sprout.

What are you running from? Your past? A bad decision? A challenge? A threat? An opportunity? A calling you just can’t shake? Jonah was called to be a messenger to a people in real need of making a course correction. They were heading in the wrong direction and God had just the man to gain […]

Strongholds in high places

Passages from 2 Kings 14 give great insight to the impact that strongholds in high places have on our lives. Amaziah was an amazing king but even good kings can be held back from all they were meant to be. Amaziah accomplished great things as a leader. However, it was the strongholds in high places […]

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