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My Plans

The ocean speaks to me. The message is consistent, familiar, inspiring, calming and peaceful. Today it was reassuring. A friend once asked me if I thought God could get my attention if he wanted to. Would he care to communicate with one mortal among billions? I don’t consider myself privileged, special or particularly unique. Some […]

Seaside sunglasses

I am at the beach. It is a happy kind of place. The sounds of the waves and soft ocean breeze is freeing. I have intentionally unplugged as I reflect on the year that was and recharge for the year the waits ahead. The change of perspective does me good. The ocean waves are far […]

Living on Purpose

Living on Purpose Do you know the most popular nonfiction book of all time? How about the 2nd? A hint to both books is in their theme. The subject matter is one and the same. The Creator has a purpose for your life. Give some thought to what your purpose might be. How might you […]

Meant to be

2024 is starting off pretty good from where I sit! I’m not the man I was. I’m not yet the man I hope to be. But I am certain to become the man I am meant to be as I love as he has loved me! Love is the key. Love God Love others and […]

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