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Life in the right lane.

At least once a month I take a five hour journey to the panhandle of Texas to serve one of my favorite clients.  On one of my recent trips out west, I was, let’s just say, flying without a pilot’s license, down the flat open tumbleweed interstate. I was getting it and getting it good.  […]

Touched by Love

See love? See God.  Experience love? Experience God.  God is love.  Love is to be our only response. Love is our only responsibility.  Jesus never encouraged us to withhold love.  We learn to love as we are loved.  Diminishing the reality of God’s love for us is the enemy’s greatest hope. One way to overcome […]

When a season becomes a lifestyle

Be careful that a season in life doesn’t become a lifestyle. Hints that a season in life might be becoming a lifestyle comes in phrases like: When things slow down, I’m going to. That’s on my to do list. That’s my plan. One of these days I’m going to get to that. It’s just for […]

No fear

What am I afraid of? Failing? Success? Making the wrong decision? People? Scarcity? Rejection? Being alone? Being the center of attention? Being forgotten? Being punished? The unknown? Pain? Suffering? Death? Insignificance? Embarrassment? Losing control? What I fear has great potential to control me and undermine my potential. Danger is a reality. Fear is a choice. […]

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