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Changed or chained?

Changed or chained? Times change. Winds change. Temperatures change. Circumstances change. Opinions change. Attitudes change. People change.  How about you? Have you changed? Or are you chained? Are you sticking to your ways or are you way different than before? Have you locked yourself, and others, in past perspectives? Are you willing to consider that […]

If only. Even though. 

If only. Even though.  If-only moments happen to all of us. If only certain things would have taken place other things would have transpired. What might have been? Could have been? Should have been? But no. Not now. Not ever. If only. Most if-only moments leave us with a sense of loss, disappointment and doubt. […]


Favorites? What are your favorite things to do, places to go and activities to participate in? Who are your favorite people? Who is your favorite person?  We can pretend we don’t, but we can’t help it, we have favorites. We simply prefer some things and people to others. But why? Our favorites have a way […]

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? More information? More revelation? More meditation? Why the hesitation and procrastination to your destination? Faith is required to beat reservation. Fear will fight back and advise abdication. Hope calls out with clear inspiration.  The enemy pushes back with strong proclamation. God’s love guides and provides illumination.  His presence in life […]

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