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We are like the ole’ man.

The ole’ man jogged through the neighborhood like clock work all the time. His pursuit of longevity inspired by the hope to make a dime. His pace eventually slowed but his resilience failed him not. The jog became a walk with a waddle and a trot. Today the streets are quieter. His presence but a […]

Less Expression. More impression.

It is always great to be reminded regarding the power of prayer.  It is worth noting that prayer is a dialog. Not a monologue.  When challenged to pray we often think we have to say more, ask for more and lead more of the prayer time. I would dare say it is not about more […]

Regret is super sticky

Sin is removable. Stains remain. Actions have consequences. Saying I am sorry doesn’t change the hurt. Wounds heal but cuts leave scars. Comments can be excused but spoken words can never be retrieved.  Regret is real. Regret is super sticky. No one is perfect. We all fall short. We all need forgiveness. We all need […]

Cut loose!

Life is short and the good times are way too few. When there is cause to party, do it hardy! Celebrate! When good things happen slap a high five, power up a fist pump and kick up your heals! Between all the muck, suck and rain, there are days the sun shines, the winds calm […]

Time will tell.

Time will tell. Are you making a difference? Sometimes it is hard to know whether you are making a difference in the world. Is all the effort, sacrifice and generosity worth it? Truth is, only time will tell. Growth isn’t always obvious. Have you ever planted a tree and watched it grow? If you stand […]

How to eat a watermelon.

How do you eat a watermelon? Eat the meat and spit out the seeds. We need to receive counsel with caution.  Is the counsel we receive of the Lord or man? We need to use caution when we provide advice, insight or perspective. Am I sharing my thoughts or His? I often pray, “Lord please […]

Red-handed or scot-free?

Caught? Where are your accusers? Have they caught you red-handed or did you get off scot-free? We are guilty in so many ways. We have gotten off the hook way more than we have paid the price. We know when we have gotten away with it even when no one else has a clue. But […]

one more last time.

If you had one last day, hour or moment to spend with someone you love, how would you spend the time? What would you say and discuss one more last time?  These are great ideas from Chapter 19 of Ed Mylett’s book, The Power of One More. I want to live life today like it […]

Who can you trust?

Who can you trust? People are messy, difficult, selfish, mean, rude, dishonest, lazy, ungrateful, arrogant, clueless, scary, evil, indifferent, apathetic, forgetful, greedy, nasty, perverted, senseless, stupid, sneaky, hurtful, betrayers, disappointing, wasteful, crooked, double minded, deceitful, neglectful, and untrustworthy. You get the idea.  Jesus understood human nature. He knew people couldn’t be trusted but he loved […]

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