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Truth is like a worm

Like the worm, the truth will eventually come out! The narrative makes sense. The pieces fit together. The storyline holds. But in reality, it is false. It is not as it seems. It is conjured, shaped and manipulated to create a persona. It is a false reality. In false reality, perceptions and beliefs do not […]

When God Speaks

Methods are good. Discipline is good. Yet, if we aren’t on top of our game, we can come to rely on the predictable for clarity.  We put God in a box and set limits on his ways. God is capable and able to communicate and relate to us in any and every way. Half the […]


Lackadaisical. What a funny word. The lackadaisical mindset is rooted in lacking. All too often we have a lacking mindset.  As believers, we are called to an abundance mindset. We are called to be scatter-minded! If only we will believe he is able and we will reap what we sow. Sow sparingly and we will […]

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