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God of wonder

When it comes to the narrative and heart of the Christian faith, this Sunday is the centerpiece.

Either Jesus was God in the flesh or he wasn’t.

In His day, most did not believe. Sound familiar?

Are we fools for believing he was born of a virgin, died but came back to life, has been gone for more than 2,000 years and will someday reappear to reign forever as Lord?

He is either the Lord, a liar or a lunatic.

I believe He is Lord of the universe. He has changed my life. I have turned my life over to him. Apart from that, I can’t explain it. All I know is I am not the man I was and there is a spirit that works inside of me that wasn’t there before.

How about you guys?

We can read the Bible. We can act the part but do we really know the one we discover on nearly every page of that old book?

Don’t miss Jesus in this Easter season. He is more than a storybook figure. He literally changed the course of history and He has changed millions of lives.

It is not about fire insurance it is about a personal relationship with the God of the universe.

If you don’t understand what I am speaking of then perhaps He is trying to introduce Himself to you. What better day than Good Friday to get to know Him.

If you’d like an introduction, by all means message me. What a friend we have in Jesus. He is not some fictitious character from children’s books. He is a world changer. He changed the world for me! He is truly the God of wonder!





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