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Since life began we’ve had it all wrong. Life is short and death is long.

Life brings hurt and life brings pain. It is life, not death, that brings us strain.

In life there are struggles and strife for sure. Death brings closure but uncertainty endures.

Life requires work and is made of minutes. Death is effortless and has no limits.

Make no mistake and let us be wiser, when life ends, death becomes the driver.

Whether right or wrong, long or short, life has sins and death holds court.

As life ends, death becomes the taker. No life is forever, it will meet its maker.

As we live our lives, let’s do them well, the options are few and they can hurt like hell.

The lives we live will be ours to make. After we’re done, it is death that takes.

After life is over, another begins, death has no grip with forgiveness of sins.

We all were doomed right from the start. Our only hope, is a change of heart.

When we lose our life, death takes a hold, but salvation brings change that is good as gold.

Death is strong but loses its sting, when we surrender our lives to the King of Kings.

  • Ray Sanders, 4-29-20






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