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A reflective perspective

The beauty of age is a reflective perspective.

The older we get the more we realize how much we still have yet to learn.

The more we know the more we realize we don’t.

I love what Paul said as a man who had learned a lot from life and was willing to make the much needed adjustments in his perspective. “I once thought,” were the words he used to describe his humble retraction regarding his former way of thinking.

As a pure-blood citizen of Israel and former zealous Pharisee, his culture,  heritage and life experiences had led him in one direction but a divine encounter set everything on end.

In coming face to face with Jesus, reality set in and something had to change. The truth had set him free to forget what had lied in the past and then to press on to what waited ahead in the future. Paul was a new man with a new outlook on life. Nothing would ever be the same again.

The older we get the more stubborn we become. We have worked hard to collect our vault of knowledge. Learning some of the files are corrupt or might be out of order can upset the whole operating system.

Some would rather live in denial than face the reality that the system is flawed. It takes a good measure of humility to admit you were wrong.

Thankfully, while opinions change, people change and the way things get done change, the truth never changes. The key is making the necessary changes when we realize the truth. To do otherwise is to live as an arrogant fake as if we are somehow an exception to the rule.

Don’t believe it, it is in fact possible to teach an old dog new tricks, especially if they are true!

Perhaps it is time for a little reflection. Is your operating system outdated? Is it possible what you thought was, really isn’t? It is worth an ask. Like Paul, is it possible for you to say, “I once thought.”

What did you once think? What changed your mind or convinced you otherwise? Is your perspective rooted in truth? A personal experience or encounter? Is your belief a mere opinion or premonition or is it based on truth?

Take some time to reflect but like Paul, don’t spend too much time there or the paralysis of analysis will set in and you will be stuck!

Make the necessary adjustments, ask for forgiveness, accept some much needed grace and then press on for what lies ahead! More insight. More enlightenment. More truth!

Let us begin again each day with our sights set on learning, for it is within this journey that we ultimately arrive.



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