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A wrong turn in the right direction?

Do you ever feel like you took a wrong turn in the right direction?

Initially, you regret the path you have chosen but ultimately you realize the redirection was protection that led to deep satisfaction.

Life can throw us a lot of curve balls but when we lean in and swing through, the grand slam lands in the stands.

The children of Israel had just left the field of victory and found themselves wondering what was next.

They soon realized they were under attack and were facing one remaining giant that needed to be slayed.

Their formidable foe, King Og, slept in a 13 foot long iron bed. He lived in a fortified city complete with high walls and barred gates.

Talk about obstacles to overcome.  A little overwhelming?

What is the likelihood of taking over a giant’s kingdom? Not very likely unless you are confident your wrong turn was actually directed by the Lord.

The instructions were clear:

  1. Don’t be afraid
  2. Remember, victory is yours.

All righty! Here goes!

The result?

Not a single town escaped their conquest. Victory was theirs. They were more than survivors, they were conquerors.

Have you made any wrong turns lately? Worried you might be on the wrong path?

Here is the good news. You can get there from here.

Yup, wherever you are, wherever you have been and no matter what you have done, you have a God that can take your wrong turns and make them right.

You may have lost a job or a limb. Life may have slapped you in the face with yet another setback, but be not dismayed or discouraged. You may not get out of jail anytime soon, but your cell can become a platform for good.

You are still in the game. There is a purpose for the days that remain. Hang in there, hold on, push through and look for your life to be used in ways you may not have chosen or ever imagined.

When you wonder what is next, don’t be afraid, feel defeated or be overwhelmed by the giant that lingers.

Remember, you are a survivor. You are a conqueror! You may be beat up, bruised, broken and bottomed out but you are still standing!

Don’t write yourself off yet! Your life matters. Your life has purpose beyond your current circumstances.

Your life is right on track for victory.

(Inspired by Deuteronomy 3:1-11)



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