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Here are a few things I believe we can all agree on:


1. Americans live in one of the greatest countries in the world


2. Our freedom wasn’t free


3. Native Americans got a raw deal


4. African Americans got a raw deal


5. White people aren’t the blame for everything that’s wrong in America 


6. Most Americans came from immigrants 


7. There are good reasons for people to want to live in America


8. We are all tired of hate 


9. We need to stop killing each other 


10. If we all loved like Jesus the world would be a better place


11. God loves people that aren’t like me 


12. God hates how sin is destroying us


13. Virtual friends are intriguing but we all need friends we can touch


14. We need less screen time and more time with those we love


15. Listening is a lost art form


16. We are too sensitive 


17. We are more alike than we are different


18. The more I know your story the more I want to know you more


19. We are all going to die someday


20. We all have the ability to make someone smile


What would you add?


Let’s see just how much we could truly agree on with 100% certainty with no questions asked.




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