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Are you a back talker?

Back talkers come in all shapes and sizes. There are different kinds of back talkers. Some back talkers are courageous and spew sarcasm to your face as you make your point. They are arrogant know-it-alls. Their mouths run on and on like a runaway toilet over flowing with crap!

Other back talkers are cowards and talk behind your back. They are gutless wimps who can’t face you so they pretend to be genuine and then the minute you exit or turn your back, the back talking begins.

Back talkers like these usually run in packs and are too stupid to realize that the family and friends they back talk with will do the same to them once they turn their backs. What a bunch of fakes! Spineless really.

I know family, friends, coworkers and have overheard total strangers who are professional back talkers.

How about you? Are you a back talker? Next time you are tempted to be a back talker remember this:

Yakety, yak, don’t talk back!


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