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Asleep at the rudder

Do you ever feel as though the Lord is asleep at the rudder while the raging storms of life are crashing down on your dingy?

The waves are seemingly relentless, never ending as they pound your boat. The storm is fierce. It is taking its toll. You are taking on water to the brim. You bail water as fast as you can all while the Lord sleeps appearing oblivious to the turmoil and pending doom and devastation that is certain to unfold as the boards creak, the joints loosen and the world around you begins to fall a part.

In a panicked frenzy you scream at the top of your lungs, “Don’t you even care that we are going to drown!”

From a stupor he rubs his eyes, yawns and stretches out his arms and in an instant everything calms down. “Why all the fuss? I was sleeping so good. Is there a problem? Can you guys quiet down? Can’t you see I’m trying to catch a cat nap? Have a little faith. I got this.”

Say what? Are you kidding? The whole world was crumbling in and then the sleeping beauty wakes up from a nap and everything is all better?

Seems ridiculous, but yes. The truth is, he does care. He is fully aware and he wants us to take a cue from him and chill out.

Come what may, he’s got this. Sink or swim. We are in the boat with him. Could there be a better place to be than in a dangerous boat with the captain who created the sea?

In life, our boats will often be filled with waves and waves of challenges but when we have a little faith, we can experience the wonder of his power as we too are filled with awe as he rolls over and goes back to sleep having calmed the storm.


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