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I am manned upon a rudderless boat adrift at sea. Oarless and low on rations with no land in sight I look to the horizon for hope in a future that may or may not exist for my fate is in the hands of the sea. Yet I believe, I trust and I draw strength from Him for He has guided me through many a storm and although these waters are calm, deep and lonely, He is with me, come what may.


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What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? More information? More revelation? More meditation? Why the hesitation and procrastination to your destination? Faith is required to beat reservation.

Life in the right lane.

At least once a month I take a five hour journey to the panhandle of Texas to serve one of my favorite clients.  On one

Touched by Love

See love? See God.  Experience love? Experience God.  God is love.  Love is to be our only response. Love is our only responsibility.  Jesus never

No fear

What am I afraid of? Failing? Success? Making the wrong decision? People? Scarcity? Rejection? Being alone? Being the center of attention? Being forgotten? Being punished?

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