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Better than before.

Better than before.

The good ole’ days were real. I lived them. There was a window of time in America when things weren’t perfect but in many ways, things had never been better. 

It isn’t realistic to live in the past. That was then. This is now. Each of us plays a role in the modern reality. We can watch, point fingers and complain about the way things are, or like the people that lived before the good ole’ days, we can do our part to make tomorrow better than today.

Are times the best they have ever been? In many ways things are in fact better than the good ole’ days. Is there still room for improvement? Uhh… yeah. Certainly, there must be more good times to come. We can hope for the best or sit on our hands and rest. 

Will things get worse before they get better? Possibly. But if each of us takes responsibility for making things better where we plant our feet, the exponential impact of our collective efforts is certain to make things better than before. 

It will take all of us. No spectators allowed. Making the good ole’ days a reality for today will require good ole’ everyday people doing good ole’ everyday things everyday in order to make the good ole’ days, days like today.

Let’s make today the good ole’ days of tomorrow.


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