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He doesn’t take advice very well. He doesn’t listen well and he sees critique as criticism and put down. In reality, the people who love him are gingerly providing input, pulling for him and are just trying to help reveal his blindspots and insecurities. 

He comes off with a strong persona, full of confidence and a laissez-faire attitude but in reality, it is deep seated fear that drives him.

In many ways he simply thinks he knows better or he is the exception to a rule that doesn’t apply. He feels he is special, shakes his head yes but inside he is saying, “It will never work or they just don’t understand or get it.”

He doesn’t partner or play well with others. He feels it is best to be self-taught or self-made and independent for fear of looking lesser than. 

He has a hard time sharing the limelight. His insecurity drives him to envy, which leads him to jealousy and ultimately culminates as resentment, pride and arrogance. It leaves him with few true friends. The fair-weather friends he does have stay around so long as he is buying or provides the entertainment.

He starts strong and has good intentions but somehow he gives himself an out excusing himself, believing he tried to the best of his ability, when in reality, he lacked discipline and lost interest and started chasing shiny objects. He really can’t be counted on because in his heart of hearts, sadly, he lacks integrity.

Do you know someone like this? Perhaps? Or better yet, maybe there is a reason you have been avoiding mirrors. 

The first step toward becoming who you want to be is to recognize yourself for who you really are. 

The next step is to make a real friend. A friend who loves you enough to be honest. A friend who steps in when the rest of the world steps out. A friend who never leaves you alone even when you are too bullheaded to listen and grow.  

(Inspired by Exodus 7)



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