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Change is a choice

Change your way of thinking or change will change you.

You have the power to change.

Change is a choice.

There are times in life when we need to come at things differently than we have been known to practice. Our predictability can become problematic.

Why do people change?

There are any number of reasons that can be given but one thing is for certain, people only change if they want to.

What needs to change in your life?

If things keep heading in the direction they are now, where will life take you?

Will relationships improve or implode?

Will finances flourish or falter?

Will your health be good or gruesome?

Will you thrive at your work or tank?

Will you worry less or worry more?

Will you have faith or live in fear?

Will you make the call or call it quits?

Will you ask for forgiveness or accept failure?

Will you be better or be bitter?

Will you resolve the conflict or reload for combat?

Will you book the vacation or build your vocation?

Will you take a break or tank at the bottom?

Will you be a problem solver or problem causer?

Will be a giver or a taker?

Will you serve or sit?

Will you grow or stay grounded?

What will happen if nothing changes?

How long until the consequences of your actions lead to a new reality?

Snap out of it. Make the break! Call on the Lord, phone a friend and take the first step in the direction your life was meant be.

The choice to change is yours.

Change or change will change you.

(Inspired by Luke 13:5 – A call to repent. A call to change.)


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