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Changed or chained?

Changed or chained?

Times change. Winds change. Temperatures change. Circumstances change. Opinions change. Attitudes change. People change. 

How about you? Have you changed? Or are you chained?

Are you sticking to your ways or are you way different than before?

Have you locked yourself, and others, in past perspectives? Are you willing to consider that someone, including yourself, may have made a change for the better? Or are you chaining yourself, and others, in a time and space that no longer exists?

Sometimes we need reminding that change happens. Life moves on. Not always, but often times, for the better.

Why don’t people change? 1. They don’t want to. 2. They don’t know how. 

Would change do you good? Are you willing to take the first step to change or are you chained to how things have always been and will continue to be, unless, something or somebody changes?

Do you want to change but don’t know how? There is a good chance you know someone who might be willing to help you discover what needs to change if you are willing to ask them to show you the way.

Change is going to happen with or without you. Holding on to the way things were has its place but knowing when to release the past can also be incredibly freeing.

Changed or chained?

It is your life. You decide. You choose.



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