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Charge ahead!

Have you ever been certain you were called to take action and then discovered you can’t get traction?

Moses was given clear instruction to roll out and head into Heshbon.

He was to do so peacefully. Stay focused. Simply pass through. Don’t make a fuss. Stay on the main road. Keep it between the ditches.

Moses was certain that communications for the Commander and Chief were clear, move out and move in.


But what?

Everything didn’t go as planned.

Moses was rejected, refused and denied entry.

Why would God do that?

Moses had to be wondering if they were about to be sent back wandering.

Did he miss something? Did he mess up? Had he been punked by God? What would his followers have to say about this fiasco?

It was a cliffhanger for sure but just about the time Moses was throwing in the staff, hanging it up and walking away, God said, “I have only just begun.”

“What did you say, God?” Moses must have thought. “Are you playing with me? Because if you are, I’m not laughing.”

The Lord had certainly been clear. Moses was on the right track. But God saw an opportunity to boost his kid’s confidence.

They had been refused and confused but they were about to be infused with confidence that could only come from knowing God did it. And he did!

In reflecting on the outcome of the story, Mose said, “God handed them over to us and we crushed them.”

Don’t let resistance overcome your persistence. If you know that you know that you know, then go! He will be with you even if you are rebuffed, rejected and resisted.

Why does it have to be so hard? Because our God wants to build muscle memory. He doesn’t want to make it too easy he wants to make us stronger.

Lessen the load or strength the back? Bring it on!

The passage goes on to say, “No town was too strong for us.”

Do you have what it takes in the face of adversity?

There is only one way to find out. Charge ahead with confidence expecting the Commander and Chief is not only for you but with you!

Take it! Occupy it! Conquer it! TODAY!

(Inspired by Deuteronomy 2:26-37.



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