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CODE 4: As a man thinketh!

What are we to do when everything is upended and life is a mess?

How are we to react when a new normal, that isn’t nice, invades our everyday lives?

In times like these being worried and anxious is easier than ever before. The frailty of life has become evident as an invisible army has invaded our shores and works its way across the nation.

Where do we find hope in such a time as this?

When faced with a life threatening illness, making ends meet and doom and gloom are at every turn, the power of positive thinking seems to have lost it mojo.

Nonetheless, it’s in the thinking, the thought life, where hope hides out.

How are things going for you right now?

What occupies your mind at the moment?

What are you focused on?

What challenges are you facing under this new normal?

What if I told you help was on the way?

How would that change your perspective?

We have a choice right now.

Will you join me in a little exercise?

Right down these words:









You can’t fake yourself out.

This idea, to focus on the things above, wasn’t my idea.

It is an excerpt from Philippians 4:6-8.

God has a plan for times like these. It involves prayer and perspective.

When we invite him into our thoughts and challenges something changes. My mind resets and hope is renewed.

No, I’m not sure how it works, but it does. The power of perspective and prayer, not positivity, works.

There may in fact be many positive realities and we should certainly embrace them and elevate them in our thinking. But ignoring reality won’t make challenges go way. At some point, we have to face what is true and navigate accordingly, good or bad.

People in Nazi concentration camps, that tried to put a spin on positivity, lost hope.

Don’t confuse hope with positivity. There was little to nothing positive in a gas chamber.

The key is to be real with yourself, gain proper perspective, deal with reality and invite God into the mix. Hope lies in this perspective.


Keeping it real and realistic, what is …

True, right now?

(Note: I didn’t suggest spinning it to look positive.)







Praise worthy?

When we pray and gain proper perspective, worry has a way of fading from our minds as we recognize the Lord is with us, come what may.

He works all things together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purposes.

There within lies the hope to die another day.

I refer to this little exercise as CODE 4, given its location in scripture.

Remember CODE 4 when worry and anxiety start to creep in. Put CODE 4 into practice.

Pray and think on these things. The results are very positive!





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