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Courage to quit

Let’s be honest. Not every road we head down takes us to where we want to go.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves at a dead-end on a dirt road wondering how in the world we ended up here.

For some it’s a dead-end job. For others it’s one drink too many. For many of us it’s just going with the flow. We take what comes our way and end up floating down stream like a log heading for the rapids. Or worse, a gigantic waterfall. Like life, it might look beautiful to onlookers but if your the one about to fall off the edge, nothing could be more desperate. 

Heading down the wrong path can have horrible outcomes unless we get a wake up call. Falling asleep at the wheel can ruin us. Dreams become nightmares unless we muster the courage to quit!

No one likes to be called a quitter. Since our parents were cheering us on as toddlers, “Never give up!”, rings in our ears and reminds us to stick to it no matter what.

Seriously? Never give up? Never quit? Truth is, there are plenty of things we need to quit. If we don’t we will eventually find ourselves at the end of our rope, grasping to hold on to the life we so desperately hoped for.

The ancient scriptures use a different word for quit. It’s not as vogue or politically correct to use in a sentence these days but it is still a good word and it’s exactly what we need to do if our lives are to take us to our desired final destination. 

The word? Are you ready? Here it is. Brace yourself. The word is REPENT! Stop. Quit. Turn around! Repent!

There you did it! Say it again! Repent! That wasn’t so bad now was it? 

Time and time again the Lord encourages his kids to repent. Why? Because he knows what’s down stream. He has seen the future and unless we QUIT what we are doing, we will soon find ourselves in a world of hurt.

Repent isn’t an ugly word. Repent is a beautiful word. It is like the road sign that warns of a dangerous curve ahead. 

Can you imagine driving through the mountains without the frequent yellow signs that warn us to quit doing what we are doing or we will soon be looking at the mountain from the bottom of a cliff!

Sometimes we need a friend to give us a good nudge with a gentle poke in the ribs. Friends don’t let friends fall asleep at the wheel. Friends don’t let friends drink and drive and they certainly don’t let friends just drive their lives into the dirt.

Sometimes we need to listen to that still small voice that gently reminds us that we need to quit what we are doing and make the change. He is a big God but he whispers in the ears of his kids. “I love you. I want the best for you. The way you are heading is going no where. Come follow me. Not only will I show you the way home, it will be an exciting ride to the finish line.”

It’s time to quit. For sure there are some things we need to continue. But if we are honest with ourselves, it’s time we quit the direction we are heading and let Jesus take the wheel!

Pump the brakes today before you find yourself at the end of a dead-end life. You can do it. It will take courage to quit but you will soon be looking back really glad you did!


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