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Definded by success?

What does success look like for you?

Is winning required in order to be successful or is finishing all that is required? Then again, is success more about the experience than the finish line?

Do you have to be the best or is doing your best success for you?

How do you define success? A life with no regrets? Getting through another day? Staying out of trouble? Or the number of zeros in your paycheck.

How success is defined can be strictly personal or completely universal.

What role does timing, luck, circumstances and providence play in your success? How much of your success depends on effort and preparedness?

Does success require intentionality or does success show up by chance?

How will you know if you have succeeded? Can success be guaranteed?

What defines your life? Is your life defined by success? How is it defined at all?

Unless you define success how will you know if you have succeeded? 


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