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Ending strong

I had the privilege recently to spend precious time with a dear family member that is dying.

There were no words shared between us. Just the joy of being in each other’s presence one last time. The breaths were labored and grew more faint as the tears flowed and hearts broke.

I reflected on a life well lived as I stood at the bedside of this one that got it right. We had laughed a lot, had more fun than most, teased and talked religion, politics and family. We always looked forward to being together but never as much as we had hoped.

A perfect person? Certainly as close as I have ever seen.  But no one makes it through this life without a few regrets. However, in this case, they are far and very few between. Not enough to fill one hand. What a saint. If there ever was one, the requirements have been met.

“How so,” you might ask? It’s simple. Live your life constantly focused on loving and serving others. Set your interests aside and sacrifice your desires for the desires of others. Learn that giving always trumps getting and that when you serve the least of these, you are serving the King.

Yeah, I spent sometime with a dying person today. And then I realized, she had been dying for years. She died to self each and everyday I knew her.

Truth is, she’s ready. She has been ready for years. She died while she was here. It just so happens that now I get to see her transition from death to eternal life.

No doubt she will be greeted with those welcoming words we all hope to hear, “Well done my faithful servant.” Well done indeed.

Ending strong isn’t an easy task but when you have the privilege to love someone who has loved you back even more, it only makes you miss them more, want to be more like them and look forward to the day you will live forever with them celebrating a life well lived.



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