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Fat tax!

So today I went to pick up a pair of new waders from Cabela’s for my up and coming flying fishing trip. They rang up at $159. I assured the cashier that they were suppose to be $149.

She called for a price check. We waited a while so I decided to lend a hand. 

Certain that I was correct I snapped a pic of the price and headed back to the checkout stand. 

It was about this time that my vision blurred and my life went into instant replay slo-mo mode. Her voice deepened and everything she said was then in that spooky undercover eyewitness voice you hear on cop shows where you only see a silhouette. 

Like a bad call in the NFL she looks at the pic and declares, “Upon further review it appears the ruling at the register stands. The price is in fact $159.” What? I took a closer look and there it was. Regular fit was $149 but stout fit was indeed $159!

I had been busted by a fat tax!

All I have to say is, the fish better be biting! 

My big butt has cost me another $10 and I haven’t even got my hook wet!


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