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What are your favorite things to do, places to go and activities to participate in?

Who are your favorite people?

Who is your favorite person? 

We can pretend we don’t, but we can’t help it, we have favorites.

We simply prefer some things and people to others. But why?

Our favorites have a way of bringing joy, peace, happiness and fun into our lives. We can relax, be ourselves and just be. 

Favorites make life better, easier and more enjoyable. The load feels lighter and the future looks brighter when with our favorites.

Is it right to have favorites? There is no denying the reality. The key is to realize there doesn’t have to be a limit to favorites. The more the better. 

A friend of mine has a tribe of kids. I noticed one time when he was alone with one of his children he told them they were his favorite. What? Is that good parenting? Then I picked up on a pattern. Every time he was with one of his offspring he let them know they were his favorite! They were all his favorites!

My wife recently gave me a hand written note where she said I was her favorite person in all the world. Wow! I know how much she loves our children and so many others in her life. But I have it in writing, I’m her favorite! Whose favorite are you?

Being a favorite isn’t as hard as you might think. In a world full of critics and selfish people one of the best ways to become a favorite is to make people feel loved, noticed, cared for and heard. 

Sounds like Jesus to me. He summed it up when he encouraged us to love God, and others as we love ourselves. Ahh… there it is. Love. Love is the key to being and becoming a favorite. Favoritism is bias but being a favorite is to be loved.

By the way, you are God’s favorite. You bring him joy. He delights in you and loves you. Can I let you in on a secret? I’m his favorite too! Shhhhh.



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