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Fish Tale

Every fisherman has his story. So here is mine. 

Stephanie has been warning me that I need to secure my fishing pole. She learned from her Tootsie, her grandmother who took her fishing as a little girl, that if you aren’t careful you can lose bait and all in a flash. 

Any man who has been married for more than two weeks knows where this story is heading. 

Yup, today we were out on a fishing adventure. I snagged a baby perch. I laid my rod on the ground as I attended to another line. 

All of a sudden I look down and my rod, with the baby perch, shoots into the water and I mean rocketed from beneath my feet!!!!! 

My son witnessed the scene from Jaws with me. We looked at each other with astonishment! Rod, reel and baby perch vanished before our eyes. We were in shock! 

After about 30 minutes we weighted down three treble hooks. I placed myself perpendicular to where the rig launched into the abyss. 

First cast in, I felt a tug. I thought I had hit some heavy moss. But much to the amazement to all, I had hooked the line of the missing rod and reel. In fact, I hooked the hook right next to the baby perch. 

I slowly reeled in the entire rig! It was obvious that Jaws gave up. It had to be thinking this is the heaviest perch I have ever guzzled! It was like Jonah being upchucked on the beaches of Nineveh! 

The photo in this post captures history in the making. Yes, I have witnesses and yes I still cannot believe it! Notice both rods! One in hand and the other at my feet!


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