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Flexible is better

Life’s simple pleasures are the best. And some people just have a way of making the world a better place.

As I sipped on my soda at Chick-fil-A today I was reminded who invented the chicken sandwich but I was also intrigued by the flexible straw in my cup.
Ever wonder who invented it?  

Well, here you go.

As you read about this little wonder, why not look for a few ways to make the world a little better today just because you are in it! We can all make the world a better place even if it means being a little more flexible!

While sitting in his younger brother Albert’s fountain parlor, the Varsity Sweet Shop in San Francisco, Joseph B. Friedman observed his young daughter Judith at the counter, struggling to drink out of a straight straw. He took a paper straight straw, inserted a screw and using dental floss, he wrapped the paper into the screw threads, creating corrugations. After removing the screw, the altered paper straw would bend conveniently over the edge of the glass, allowing small children to better reach their beverages. U.S. patent #2,094,268 was issued for this new invention under the title Drinking Tube, on September 28, 1937. Friedman would later file and be issued two additional U.S. patents and three foreign patents in the 1950s relating to its formation and construction. Friedman attempted to sell his straw patent to several existing straw manufacturers beginning in 1937 without success, so after completing his straw machine, he began to produce the straw himself. Friedman’s younger English relative, Michael Fabricant MP, would later write that his great uncle’s invention was “arguably the most significant technological achievement of the twentieth century”.



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