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For as long as God grants you breath

One minute everything in the world is in perfect peace. Then in less than a second everything changes. What once was is no more. Like a rug pulled from beneath your feet, it was there one instance and gone the next. Laughter turns to tears, joy to pain, intrigue to utter shock. Blindsided. Out of no where. One word, one second, one action turns the world on end. Who you were is no longer who you are. Innocence is exchanged for insanity. There was no choice in the matter. Victimized you stand paralyzed in disbelief. What you once held dear is ripped from your grip. The line you held no longer holds and the enemy cackles an evil laugh as he steals precious memories and trades them for utter evil and dismay. He positions for the ultimate kill in pursuit of complete destruction. But deep within side you courage begins to swell. The human spirit fights to survive. Not today will the opponent’s victory be won for today the sun has not yet set. It has not been totally darkened by the gray sheets of gloom and disparity. A second wind begins to bring much needed relief. Beacons of hope break through the muck as your head rises yet again above the frey. You are alive! You may have been knocked down but through true grit, determination and the will to prevail, endurance brings you to a new day where once again you will embrace the happiness that once was yours. Even still you turn to face the challenges of a new storm brewing on the horizon. Nonetheless you chose life and to live it to the fullest so long as God grants you breath. You rise, hold your head high and walk bravely toward the adventure that lies ahead. This is life as you have come to expect it. A life imperfect and full of unwelcomed surprises but life it is and the life you must live come what may.


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