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Given to care 

Jesus didn’t just see, he noticed as his critics watched and scrutinized!

Jesus was aware and sensitive to the needs of others. He was given to care while others were prone to criticize and critique.

Jesus empathized with the weakness while critics emphasized how others had fallen short.

Jesus consoled. The critics condemned.

He sought to be helpful as others were hurtful.

He came to save lives while pundits sought only to destroy it.

His approach was far more than an attitude, persecutive or modus operandi. His way was a way of life. It was an outflow of who he was.

He was in the game. He was not a spectator. He joined us in our pain, suffering and hurt. He didn’t just see, he noticed and took action with no regard to rules, regulations or traditions.  

Sometimes in life you just do the right thing because it’s the right thing not because it is called for in a rule book. 

We get a glimpse of a real life situation in the gospel of Mark, chapter three. It is clear in the passage that Jesus was focused on the needs, hurts and pains of others. He truly felt their suffering and as a result was not applauded but rather criticized for it!

It is easy to overlook his passion for people because of who he was. We look past the naysayers and just see it as just another day in the life of Jesus. 

We overlook his actions until we find ourselves in the story. Like the man with the deformed hand that Jesus healed, we find ourselves impacted by a man that didn’t just see, but noticed our pain and suffering and reached out to us and did something about it despite the pressure to play life by the book and the letter of the law.

Jesus finds us right where we are, reaches out to us, asks us to take a step in his direction in order that we might be transformed by the touch of his hand.

Here is the good news. Jesus is still meeting us where we are today. No matter what struggles we face, mental, emotional or physical, he notices, he cares and he is prepared to walk with us despite what others might say or think. He doesn’t just see. He takes notice time and time again!

As life brings others our way, will we just see or will we also notice? Will we empathize or emphasize their weaknesses? Will we seek to console or condemn? Help or hurt? Breathe life into the situation or drive the final nail in the coffin?

The choice is ours. When we recognize the need for compassion, mercy and grace in our own lives it tends to manifest itself as love in the lives of others. 

Let’s choose love today and grant life in the lives of others as we don’t just see but notice the potential that waits to be awakened within them.


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