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How annoying!

Annoyances are such a pain.

So many little annoyances are constantly nipping and sticking, picking and prodding into our lives.

Take them away Lord! We beg you! Rid us of this nonsense! They are driving us crazy! We can’t shake them off. They are, yes, thorns in our flesh. Stickers in our socks!

Paul, in 2 Corinthians 12, reminds us that such nuisances are allowed into our lives in order that we might come to realize God’s grace (blessings) are enough.

Difficulties, troubles and challenges, when put into proper perspective, actually make us better and stronger as they prepare us for life’s greater obstacles.

As they say, “no pain, no gain.” Or as the Lord says, “My grace (blessings) will see you through. Where you are weak, you are made strong as little annoyances prepare you for greater things to come.”

Little annoyances are big reminders that His grace is sufficient!

When life gets sticky, start counting your blessings. His blessings will see you through!



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