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I may have lost my memory but I didn’t lose my mind

I recently spent a considerable amount of time working on a digital photography project to memorialize a special occasion.

During the course of the project I gave considerable attention to keeping track of each of the memory cards associated with my photographic memoirs.

This organizational effort proved to be especially challenging given the number of interruptions I encountered. Our house is always a busy place with anywhere from eight to 80 people in attendance at any given time. At least it feels that way.   But on this particular day it was especially crazy as I my daughter needed extra attention, a friend stopped by to say hello, our dog had necessary issues that required immediate assistance and my wife had questions that needed to be addressed in short order. The outcome? Results minimal. Relationships maximized.

As I began to wrap up the pictorial project I noticed that I had come up short on a memory card. Where had it gone? It was here one minute and gone the next. Had it vaporized before my very eyes? Of course it didn’t help that I was working on my project in the middle of a table where a monster jig saw puzzle was under construction.

Where was it? I questioned my daughter, chased down the dog, enlisted my wife’s support and crawled under the table like a soldier under fire looking for the missing memory card. Nothing! Nowhere. The memory card had vanished.

As I sat back down at the table in utter frustration, I placed my head into my hands in an effort not to lose my composure! I was up in arms about the whole ordeal and irritated to say the least. And then I saw it from the corner of my eye. That pesky little memory card had reappeared! There it was! Stuck to my forearm like a piece of duct tape! I may have lost my memory but I hadn’t lost my mind! Whew! Redemption! Or should I say revelation! Either way, I was one happy project manager.

I decided the next time I find myself at my wits end I would take a pause, say a little prayer and peel back and look for the obvious. The answer might just be up my sleeve, within arms reach or somewhere in the proximity! Well, you get the idea. Sometimes we just make things harder than they need to be.

In the end we all got a good laugh and a lesson in being slow to point fingers, and arms, in the wrong direction!


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