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If clocks could talk.

I didn’t have one good memory of my dad until I was 50. Upon our unexpected reunion, after a 35 year hiatus, Dad and I made a pact, let’s make new memories. I’m so glad we did. Those are now some of the memories I cherish the most.

One of the photos in this post was taken shortly after Dad and I reconnected. We are looking through a photo album of me as a child. It was a bitter sweet moment. The photos hid the pain. We both realized it and we committed to loving like we had never loved before.

I’m grateful for the time I had with a very broken man. Not everything about him had changed. He was still a mess in many ways. But aren’t we all? I have come to realize that love is a choice that doesn’t require perfection. In fact, love comes to accept imperfection and loves anyway.

There is something poetic about the grandfather clock in the background in the attached photo. At 200 years old, it is a prized family heirloom. Oh if clocks could talk. What memories might this clock share?

Certainly there would be good times and bad times as the clock ticked and chimed away moments that marked our journey.

At this point in time Dad and I had both become grandfathers. Most of our adult lives were void of moments like these. The clock stood as a reminder that day that time goes fast.

The grandfather clock stands in my home today. It has been a faithful reminder that time goes on with or without us.

There are times when I sit alone with my morning coffee reading my daily devotion and the old grandfather clock bellows a deep familiar chime. It reminds me that my days are numbered and my opportunities to make lasting memories are fewer than ever before.

I take a sip of coffee, reflect on a few memories I have made and recommit to making the most of the time I have left by making memories with those I love.

Don’t let the past rob you of the future. New beginnings are possible. What new memories are you making with those you love? What does your clock have to say today about where your life is heading?


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