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If only. Even though. 

If only. Even though. 

If-only moments happen to all of us. If only certain things would have taken place other things would have transpired. What might have been? Could have been? Should have been? But no. Not now. Not ever. If only.

Most if-only moments leave us with a sense of loss, disappointment and doubt. Lost potential, opportunity and possibilities. The chance slipped through our fingers. So close, but yet so far.

If only he hadn’t gone through the red light. If only the sun wasn’t in her eyes. If only they had arrived two seconds sooner. If only it hadn’t been a rainy day. If only. 

Jesus experienced and understood if-only kind of days. One of his friends was sick and if only he had gotten to him sooner, he would not have died. 

Jesus had failed to meet expectations. His friends were disappointed, let down and discouraged. He may have claimed to be God but he sure wasn’t demonstrating his superpowers at a time when it was needed most. If only.

Have you been there? Where is God when you needed him most? Have you been left hanging? Holding the bag? Dealing with the mess? Suffering in silence as what could have been never happened and what shouldn’t have did? If only.

Time and again we see throughout scripture that God doesn’t always make things happen in the way we think they should. What we do see is he is always with us and has a way of working it out according to a bigger plan and purpose. Not always fun, pleasant and understandable but good. Yes, for good and as an opportunity from him to demonstrate, that despite what the enemy has intended, he can use a mess and turn it into a masterpiece. If only.

If-only moments are here to stay. It isn’t as if we should look forward to the disappointment, discouragement and let down but we can look forward to knowing that despite how we feel in the moment, as the facts settle in, this moment will pass and we will embrace it, even though. 

If-only moments become even-though realities when we find the will, the courage and the faith to trust Him during if-only moments, even though. 

Even though, Lazarus woke up. Had there not been an if-only moment, there would have never been an even-though moment when if only stood in the way but God proved he could, even though. 

Inspired by John 11:1-44


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