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It’s time to move on.

Have you been wronged, deceived, betrayed or let down by family and friends?

King David can relate. While he accomplished much in his life and was the most beloved king of all, he had more than his fair share of disappointment, discouragement and despair. The frown on his face was often brought about by the actions of those closest to him.

We get a glimpse of one of his best life lessons when he poured his heart into Psalm 37.

He learned to quit giving the naysayers, wrongdoers, wicked, betrayers, deceivers, connivers and crooks the time of day. Quite frankly, he learned to move on.

He shares that when we do, the so called “sticks in the mud” will begin to fade away and become a distant memory when we decide to delight in the Lord and trust in him.

As we focus on the desires God has placed in our hearts, rather than dwell on the past offenses, we are free to move ahead and regain our joy for living.

The key is to commit everything, every single aspect of our lives, to him. When we trust him, he will help us. We can go it alone or we can invite him into the challenges by asking for his assistance.

That’s right, the creator of the universe, because he delights in every detail of our lives, is standing by to lend a hand, pitch in and direct our steps. Wow! We simply need to be still and wait patiently for him to act.

It sounds easy but waiting on the Lord is hard when you are prone to take matters into your own hands. The temptation is to get impatient, upset and even angry about the timing and the circumstances.

Have no fear, the Lord is near! No need to be upset. In due time, the wrongdoers will be marginalized. Put your hope in the Lord and continue to travel steadily along his path.

Focus on what God is doing not what they have done! Living the great adventure need not be hindered by a false start or a party pooper.

You might stumble, you might stub your toe and even make a few ill advised decisions, but you will not fall. You will not fail. He simply delights too much in your love for him to let you come up short.

Don’t worry about the wrongdoers. Let them go. Release them into their cesspool of demise.

As for you, look ahead and take hold of the ride of a lifetime that you are living. Come what may, you are on your way to better things! It’s time to move on!

(Inspired by Psalm 37)


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