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Stronghold sins cause us to holdout on God.

In I Kings 11 we learn about Solomon’s stronghold sin. He was obsessed with women.

God had clearly instructed him not to intermarry with women who did not share his values. Yet Solomon became so obsessed with his stronghold sin that he had 700 wives and 300 concubines! 

Could it have been any more obvious to him that his life was out of balance? But don’t we do the same? Why do we tend to ignore the obvious warning signs that our lives are out of control and falling apart into the hands of sin?

Like Solomon we refuse to follow the Lord completely and sin ultimately leads our hearts away from God.

We too have a tendency to hold out on God. We reserve certain vices and strongholds for our own pleasure and purposes.

Despite multiple warnings, Solomon chose his way and not God’s way. Solomon drifted and ultimately turned away from the Lord. The Lord cautioned him but Solomon would not listen.

As a result his life produced less than God’s best. His influence and impact was limited.

The unthinkable became reality. Solomon abandoned God. He did not follow God’s ways. He did not do what was pleasing in God’s sight. Therefore, the Lord had no choice but to take the kingdom from Solomon’s hands. 

It is important to recognize that God does not abandon us. However, we must listen to what he tells us and follow his ways and do what he considers to be right. He has our best interest at heart. If we obey, he will always be with us and help us establish an enduring legacy with eternal impact. Otherwise, he will turn us over to our own ways and we will reap the rewards of disobedience, the limitations of choosing our way, not his.

God does not force our hands. He allows us to choose. It is important for us to remain self aware and determine daily what stronghold sins are creeping into our lives and cause us to holdout on God.

What is keeping you from being completely the Lord’s? Have you surrendered all? How are you holding out on God? Are you holding onto something with such a tight grip that you are unable to open your hand and receive all God has for you? 

What habits, hurts and hang ups are you holding onto that are preventing you from being all that you could be? Are you trusting in your own abilities and not in the Lord’s? What do you love so much that it hinders your ability to be fully embraced by God?

Stronghold sins cause us to hold out on God. It’s time we let go and let God take complete control of our lives. It is then that we are truly free to be all we were created to be! 


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