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Imagine the year is 1620 and you are standing with your family on a pier in Southampton, England observing Pilgrims boarding the Mayflower. There is an excitement in the air as word has spread about the journey the vessel will take to a new land-a place of adventure and fresh beginnings.

Some consider passengers of the Mayflower to be crazy, foolish and even insane। But as you watch you can’t help but wonder if you and your family should be joining this clan of pioneers.

So much is unknown. What if the ship encounters pirates? What if the captain steers off course into a violent storm? Will there be enough supplies to make the journey to dry land? What if a disease breaks out among the crew? Taking such an adventure would be risky. Stepping on board would require a clear calling and tremendous faith.

Deep inside, you feel God is prompting you to go. Life for you in the old country has become comfortable. Things are going well, but despite success, a still small voice whispers, calling you to place your foot on the plank that leads to the unknown.

You have lived with few regrets. The thought of the Mayflower leaving without you causes you to wonder about what might have been. You never wanted to be one of those pitiful souls who wished they could’ve, should’ve or would’ve done something. If not now, when?

You have made it to the dock. You were confident God led you to make the journey. But now, doubt dances in your mind as you watch friends and neighbors prepare to push out to sea.
Unexpectedly, your spouse reaches for your hand, looks in your eyes and with a gentle but confident voice says, “I know you are scared, I know you love things the way they are, but I believe, as you, that we are meant to be at sea.”

The affirmation from the love of your life and your strong desire to be in the center of God’s will compels you to step forward and lead the way to a life you have never known before, but a life most certainly committed to serving the Lord.

There are times in life when each of us is faced with a Mayflower-size decision. Should we stay or should we go? Is there more work to be done, or have we completed the task? Should we dig in, or fly away? Such are the thoughts of those who abhor complacency and seek to walk in step with the will of the Lord.

Making the wise and best choice doesn’t always come easy, but the Lord does promise to give wisdom to those who seek Him. James 1:5 informs us that all we need to do is ask God, and He will give us wisdom. Luke 7:35 says, “Wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who follow it.” Where is the Lord leading you? The boat is pushing back. The captain’s whistle is blowing. A new beginning awaits you on a not-so-distant shore. May we welcome you on board?


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