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Meet the Simpletons

They are nice enough and go about life their own way but they simply have a way of making less of life than needs to be.  

They have tendencies that tend to get in their way.

1. They don’t listen

2. They fight the facts 

3. They Ignore advice

4. They reject correction

5. They hate knowledge

6. They chose their way

7. They are super complacent 

8. They fail to revere the Lord

Let’s be honest, the Simpletons are fools. It isn’t so much what they do but what they don’t do.

They don’t take the Lord’s advice. They don’t heed His call or let Him lead the way. As a result, they look back over their lives and wonder where all the time went. Where did all the money go? Where are all the relationships they once had? They simply lived to regret the lives they made for themselves. They neglected opportunities, forfeited multiple blessings and as a result, never met their full potential or amounted to much. They simply lived for nothing and no one but themselves. 

Why? It’s simple. They are the Simpletons. They could have simply followed the Lord’s leading but they found a way to make life hard on themselves and difficult for others.  In the end, they got what they lived for.

Wisdom cries out in the streets. The Lord provides the insight we need. We can reject His advice and wonder what happened or we can chose His way and wonder at what a God we serve. 

It’s simple, the choice is yours to make. Don’t become a Simpleton or you will simply live to regret it. Become all you were meant to be. Give your life away as the Lord wisely leads you along life’s way. Become a “Wiseman” not a “Simpleton”.

Read more about the Simpletons at Proverbs 1:20-33



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