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Michael Catt – My forever hero

My Forever Hero

We rarely have the opportunity to pick who influences our lives most.

Truth is, heroes aren’t highly selective. They simply see a need and meet it.

Where would we be without the amazing real-life heroes that step in and save the day?

The choice they made to intervene in our lives is nothing short of life changing.

Unexpected and out of nowhere there once was a hero that stepped into my life.

I was a scared, traumatized young boy growing up in a single-parent home with confidence as deep as a thimble.

My life was heading one way when, because of no effort of my own, a tall lanky Mississippi preacher boy walked into my world.

He took an interest in me, invested in me, inspired me, and most of all, loved me for who I was and saw who I could become.

He was my first and lifelong mentor. He taught me about life, the Lord and the way that few will follow.

He set the example, the standard and the direction for a life well lived. He was strong, principled and loving.

He took me places physically, mentally and spiritually I never imagined or dreamed were possible.

He challenged me to be the best that I could be without compromise or complaint.

For years I thought I was special, unique and held the esteemed position as his Timothy as he was my Paul.

The older a got and the more I matured, I came to realize I was not alone in my admiration for this man of deep dedication and devotion.

Turns out, like most heroes, I was but one of thousands his life had influenced and impacted.

This realization took nothing from my affinity with him. If anything at all, it made me proud to know I was among the privileged who experienced the joy of knowing him.

Somehow, someway, despite all the lives his life has touched, I have never spoke with him or was in his presence that he didn’t make me feel as though I was the center of his universe.

He has been my spiritual daddy, my mentor, my confidante, my cheerleader, my coach and most of all, my friend.

Michael Catt is a legend and his legacy will live into eternity for his has been a life worth following. A life that has been duplicated time and time again as he has led legions to follow Jesus.

No life has he impacted more than mine. It is my hope and my desire to live as he has taught me to live and to somehow someway be a Michael Catt in the lives the Lord brings my way.

I love you Michael. You are my forever hero!

Ray Sanders

(a.k.a Timothy “too”)

Ray Sanders, Dr. Michael Catt, and Randy Davis. Ray and Randy were discipled by Dr. Catt as part of his first youth group at FBC Yukon, Oklahoma.


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