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No angel

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself.

Making progress in an area of weakness is super encouraging until you stumble.

Shortcomings often have longterm effects. What happens in a flash, lingers with residual fallout. Setbacks leave us wondering if we can ever recover. We had come so far and then we failed, again. Ugh.

As if the offense wasn’t bad enough, shame settles in, camps out and sours what might otherwise have been good times. The hangover is almost as bad as the horror.

We feel hopeless, and if not careful, pile on with more senseless attitudes, reckless actions and regrettable deeds. We’ve already wet the bed. Why not just crap in it too! Stop it!

Yeah, it’s a graphic illustration but it really does make the point. The key is to wake up, get up and straighten up before you lose your opportunity to learn yet another life lesson.

Nobody is perfect. No one hits 100%. We are human. We are prone to falling off the wagon, jumping curbs and spinning out into a ditch.

While we do have these tendencies, we can do better. We can overcome bad habits, strongholds and addictions. We can be amazed at what we have become given from where we started.

Shake it off, say you are sorry, ask for forgiveness and begin again. Check in with your accountability partner and do some laundry. Clean up your act and get back in the game.

No excuses. No explanations. No justifications. Own it! You did it. Admit it but don’t let it stop you from taking steps in the right direction.

Ask God for help. Lean on a friend and trust yourself enough to try again. Otherwise, you really do lose.

Keep after it. Lift your head and step back into the battle. We need you on the field. The enemy is real and it is time for all hands on deck. Even yours!

We know you aren’t an angel. But even angels can make mistakes.

Don’t look back. Restart and pick up where you left off. You have come a long way baby but there is still a lot of highway that waits ahead. It’s time to hit the road again.



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