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How would you like to say something today that would remain relevant even 2,000 years from now?

Consider this phrase: “Pay attention to how you hear.”

Not who, what, where or when but HOW.

The word how means in what way or manner; by what means. Basically, consider the source.

That statement was made by a physician named Luke nearly 2,000 years ago.

Could the physician of old have ever imagined a world of instant information full of sound bites, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, Instagram images, cable news, social media, Sunday newspapers, radio broadcasts, highway billboards, public TV, tabloid magazines and internet feeds? No way, José!

Stop and think about it. “Pay attention,” as the good doctor prescribed. We must be mindful for the real exponential potential for misinformation that is vulnerable to bias, manipulation and ulterior motive.

It was then and it is today; truth is hard to find. Truth is not subject to opinion, perspective, circumstances or preferences. Truth is absolute. It is not relative or subject to change. It was and will always be, true.

We would do well to take the doctors advice, “Pay attention to how you hear.”

Always consider the source. What’s more. Test what you hear against the truth that has withstood the test of time.

Weigh what you hear, where you hear it, how you hear it, when you hear it and who you hear it from against the principles and teachings provided in God’s word.

In this we can trust. He is a reliable source. No propaganda, spin or half truths. No need for a fact checker. No “fake news” in the Word. You will only find the Good News there!

(Inspired by Luke 8:18)



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