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Peace by piece

It seems at times that peace is ever illusive.

Just about the time your heart is at rest something creeps in and gives you a wet willy.

Out of nowhere, as you are minding your own business, influences outside your control, right or wrong, pick and poke at your peace of mind.

Is it possible to protect ourselves from the never ending cascading turmoil? Is peace possible?

It’s a big deal. A lack of peace leads to all kinds of ancillary issues. Stress, anxiety, worry, frustration, fatigue, confusion and anger are just a few of the side effects that a lack of peace produces.

So what is an otherwise peaceful person to do? What is the key to tranquility?

Somewhere, someone once said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” In other words, practicing peace by piece is the secret to serenity. We must be selective.

Rather than wear yourself out fretting over every little issue that pops up like the pesky varmints at the “Whack a Mole” game at the local arcade, we need to be selective when we decide which piece disturbs the peace.

Certainly, some things warrant a disturbance. There are times when we need a wake up call. But let’s be honest, most of the things that ruffle our feathers aren’t worth the dust they disturb.

Time takes care of the majority of the peace busters and selective hearing nearly takes care of all the rest. It’s time we holster the feather duster! Quit stirring it up!

Like my mother use to say, “In the word ignorance is the word ignore. Ignore ignorance.”

We would do well to ignore a large portion of the ignorance that seeks to disturb the peace, those pesky little pieces of stupidity that threaten to rattle our peace of mind.

We can gain peace by piece. Pick the piece that is truly threatening the peace and let everything else simply trickle away like water off a duck’s butt.

Swatting at flies has little effect on stopping the insanity. Stop waving and flapping your arms! You look like a scarecrow in a wind storm! Isolate the stinky piece and remove it. Peace by piece!

When we do, “peace by piece”, we gain back the calm we so desire, one piece at a time.


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