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Pink pigs

What do you have in common with your friends?
Economic status?
I contend that we tend to be friends with people who are most like us. They like us because they are like us!
Okay, fine. But if “likeness”  summarizes our world of friends, I hate to tell you, I believe we are missing out on a world of fun and our lives are likely more boring than they need to be.
Speaking strictly for myself, I confess, I like being around people who are like me but I also get a kick out of people who are just, well, lets say, different!
The so called “different” people add spice to life, break the routine, shatter the mundane and open my mind and life experiences to whole new worlds.
Being a pink pig in a red pig world is no big deal unless of course you are the only pink pig and have no friends.
You do realize you are “different” don’t you? To somebody, somewhere you represent the epitome of different! Some may even think you are weird. And in some ways you likely are! 
Now there is a difference in being different and weird. Weird tends to wander into the unhealthy side of different. But sticking strictly to the familiar and predictable is a little weird as well.
So I vote for doing things a little differently this week. Why not invite that “different” person out to lunch or to share a cup of coffee? Better yet, have them over for dinner! Wouldn’t that be weird? Not really, unless you think making friends and being friendly is unhealthy and “different”.
What might happen if being identical was different? Would things stay the same or would the world be a different place? I think it would. Yes, a different place. A better place with more friends.


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