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Pinocchio’s Dilemma

Are you a puppet leader? If you are, deep inside, despite the persona you present, you know you have the title, you have the position but like Pinocchio, your every move is controlled from behind the scenes. You are not your own man. You are a sycophant. A yes-man.

The master manipulators pull your strings and play you like a rag doll. The minute you have an original idea or fail to comply, they gently pull your strings with threats and innuendos. 

Fail to follow and before you know it, they cut you off, take you out and drop you to the floor like a useless head of lettuce. This is especially so if the limelight seems to have gone from the so-called creator and onto the beloved carved creation who succeeds.  

Things go well so long as you and the other puppets in the production play along, dance to the music and keep their “noses” clean. 

Question not, look the other way, limit your critique, ignore your gut, stuff your character, simply comply and all will go well. 

It’s sad really. Like Pinocchio, puppet leaders deeply desire to be real and to be genuine. They yearn for freedom from the the powers that be, those passive aggressive control freaks that subtly circumvent, twist the strings and maneuver like a snake in the grass. They go unnoticed until Pinocchio eventually has enough. He can no longer ignore his conscious. He breaks free and becomes a real leader. A real man, not a yes man but a man led by his heart and the real Creator.

Retired major league baseball player, Adam LaRoche, captured the essence of Pinocchio’s dilemma when he said, “In life, we’re all faced with difficult decisions and will have a choice to make. Do we act based on the consequences, or do we act on what we know and believe in our hearts to be right?” 

Every puppet leader will ultimately come face to face with who he really wants to be. A puppet on a sting, with a title and a position, or a real man, a real leader, beholding to God alone and led by strong convictions and a clear conscience.



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