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Punk’d by a skunk!

Like most puppies, our dog, Honey Bear likes to chase rabbits.

When I went to let him out late last night, I soon discovered we had a skunk amongst us in the backyard!

You guessed it! What else could make 2020 even better? Right? Dog meets skunk. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, much to my surprise, Honey Bear was more in protector mode than high-speed chase mode.

He barked and barked, hunkered down, pivoted in and out of firing range and even did a belly crawl to take a closer look. I finally clued in and panicked! “Oh Lord! Not tonight! Have mercy on this sleepy soul! Honey Bear get in here,” came my command for all the neighborhood to hear!

It worked. He relented and came inside. I flipped on the light and nearly skunked my pants when the polecat started to strut right in front of us! Honey Bear and I nearly passed out from surprise.

The spooked skunk ran along the fence line for cover. I still have no clue how he got in or out. The fence is tight. He was air dropped in I suppose.

The thought of cleaning a skunk-sprayed dog in the middle of the night still doesn’t sound like much fun, even this morning as I sip my coffee and assess the crime scene.

Last night I went to bed grateful for the little things and even more happy “Elvis”, the skunk, had left the building!

It’s true, we got punk’d by a skunk. But I’ll take whew over pew anytime!

What are you grateful for today? Big or small! Stinky or not! There is good out there even if it is 2020!




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