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Regret is super sticky

Sin is removable. Stains remain. Actions have consequences. Saying I am sorry doesn’t change the hurt. Wounds heal but cuts leave scars. Comments can be excused but spoken words can never be retrieved. 

Regret is real. Regret is super sticky. No one is perfect. We all fall short. We all need forgiveness. We all need to take more responsibility and wake up to the reality that what we do has potential to raise or lower the bar. 

We need to think before we leap. Hold our fire. Bite our tongues and extend more grace. 

We are making a difference. The question is what type of difference are we making? Is the world better or more bitter as a result of our being?

Recovery is possible. There is no need to wallow in regret. Step away from denial. Take responsibility. Ask for forgiveness. Express remorse. Own up to your mistakes and begin anew having learned from your shortcomings as reality reminds you your actions have definable outcomes. 

You are not who you once were as is indicated by the wounds that have healed. The scars that remain provide evidence that you are in fact, better than before. Carry on!



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