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In a word, how will you be remembered? No one is perfect. Nonetheless, where does the weight of your story rest?

King David was far from being the model citizen. Yet, he was the most beloved king of all. He made terrible mistakes and notable errors in judgement. Even still, he was remember as a sinner who sought the heart of God. Imperfect as he was, it has been said that after he served his generation, by the will of God, he simply fell asleep. What a blessing to find your final resting place in peace. Not that you were a perfect person but that you fulfilled your calling with the life you were given.

Regardless of where you have been and what you have done, decide today to finish well. As they say, “The past is history and tomorrow is a mystery. Today is the gift we call the present.” Make the most of it by being the best you possible. You might just change history in the process! 

How will you be remembered? No one can determine how that question is answered better than you! 



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